About the PET

We're on a mission to unite education in Pontefract (stand back it's going to be good)

About Us

The Pontefract Education Trust was founded in 2011 to improve educational opportunities in the local area.  The Trust has 15 local schools under its umbrella and aims to support and enhance their achievements through collaboration and working in partnerships with local business and the local community. 

As a charitable trust, we work together on shared priorities and common interests and offer support to our 'Foundation Schools', or members.  We are a charitable, not for profit organisation that is regulated by the Charities Commission.    


Our Cause

We are passionate about raising the aspirations of local school - aged children, by giving them wider opportunities both within and outside the curriculum.  We believe all children should have access to the same facilities, resources and level of teaching, regardless of their ability, age, gender, race, locality or social background.  We are, therefore, committed to eliminating the potential barriers which could prevent the success of achievement and the expectations behind this driving force. 


Our Approach

As each school has its own individual priorities, strengths and weaknesses, the Pontefract Education Trust aims to act as a conduit for sharing good practice amongst its members and associate partners (our schools and colleges). 

Each year the Board of Trustees develop an action plan based around its key focus areas.  This is to ensure the provision of education is not only consistent across the 15 schools, but that it is essentially providing the best opportunities for our children despite their own personal or social barriers.  The provision of Education is our priority and the access to opportunities underpins this approach.      

Our Mission

The Trust will continue to have a clear vision of collaborative working partnerships between schools, colleges, universities, local business and the local community.  We will improve pupil expectations, aspirations and levels of achievement though projects which enhance educational opportunities for the young people of Pontefract.  

We will continue to develop effective communication strategies with leadership teams, bringing together expertise to improve standards at all Key Stages. We will continue to foster the economic wellbeing of both our children and our schools, giving children of all ages a sense of ownership and belonging to a nurturing community.  The Trust will uphold the philanthropic approach to its charitable objectives, seeking to share and promote these distinct values in all that we do.

Our 2016/17 Offer

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