Our Partners

The people that help make wonderful things happen

The Pontefract Education Trust work closely with a variety of partners, from colleges and universities to industry and local business. You can read more about our partners below. If you are interested in becoming a partner please click here.



Wakefield Council

The Local authority advises the trust on local educational needs and economic developments as well as planning for the future. 


NEW College Pontefract

An Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ provider of further education, NEW College works with the PET in developing transitional links with both the local high schools and primary educational providers. Specialists in post-16 qualifications they offer an extensive choice of academic subjects and a diverse range of wider-college activities including Performing Arts, Music, Sport, Foreign Exchange and challenging global expeditions. The partnership seeks to enhance the enrichment of career development of our local children, sharing resources and expertise where it can. The PET have been fortunate to recently have the use of the fantastic facilities in NEW College for a large Staff INSET Training Day and a Magna Carta Art Day across all our schools.





The PRU educational provision was established in 1948 to meet the needs of children in the hospital. They are an associate member of the PET who informs our local educational community of educational provisions and support available for families who have a child with a medical need. The pupils that attend the PRU are ‘medically unfit’ to attend mainstream school either as a result of issues relating to illness or as a result of issues relating to mental health. They provide support for children and young people between the ages of 2-16 years old and work on various projects with the PET from CPD to Art projects. For more information on the PRU visit




Wakefield College.

Wakefield College is the area’s leading provider of vocational education. It works to promote progression and develop vocational pathways to reflect local employment needs. 2014 saw Wakefield College being shortlisted for an FE Award for outstanding contributions to the local community.

Working closely with the CHOICES programme they also provide facilities and resources to ensure effective delivery of a successful programme. The College is also working alongside the Trust to develop ’experience’ days as competition prizes. They support the individual child-focus at the heart of the PET vision and are always exploring new and innovative ways in which to facilitate this.




Pontefract Sports & Education Foundation (PSED) & Pontefract Squash & Leisure Centre (PSLC)

Pontefract Sports and Education Foundation was set up for the benefit of children, teenagers and young adults in the area in order to improve access into sporting activities and the arts. They have recently been working with Pontefract Squash and Leisure Centre (PSLC) to facilitate a pilot Squash programme to some of the schools within the PET. A series of five-week courses has been offered to Halfpenny Lane J&I, St Giles & DeLacy primary schools during one afternoon each week. Offering vital funding to pay for the coaching and transportation of their school children to the squash club, the PSEF have supported this dynamic programme, to get children into sports that might not otherwise not had the opportunity to do so. Click here for more project details.

Our high schools have also had a successful delivery of sporting programmes funded and provided by the Foundation and the Squash club. Coach and Director of the squash club Jayne Robinson said, “We aim to encourage young people to participate in any sport by making it accessible to everyone” Malcolm Wilstrop, World class squash coach & Honorary President of the Foundation has offered his expertise and talents to help the Foundation harness, develop and encourage youngsters onto the sporting schemes offered through the Foundation. Despite coaching world number one players from both all over the world and here in Pontefract, Malcolm has a deep commitment to bringing racket sports right back to a grass root level. PSEF, PSLC & the PET are working closely together to realise sporting and academic enhancements in our local children.


Pontefract Academies Trust.png

The Pontefract Academies Trust

The Pontefract Academies Trust is lead by the CEO Julie Craig (co-founder of the PET and ex-head teacher of the Kings High school).  There are 8 schools governed by the PAT: The King’s High school, Carleton Community High School, Carleton Park J&I, Larkshill J&I, Orchard Head J&I, DeLacy J&I,  The Rookeries J&I and Halfpenny Lane J&I school. Alongside the PET, PAT HQ is at St Marys Centre where both trusts work closely together, sharing resources, offices space and strategic development.



York University


The PET is fortunate to work alongside the unique SHINE programme designed and led by the University of York.  The purpose of SHINE is to widen aspirations, broaden horizons and enhance the attainment levels of participating pupils. It enables students to sample University life, giving them the confidence and independence to consider this as their next step in education.  SHINE is aimed at students in Year 6 – 11 who have been identified by their school as high achievers but who may  come from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in higher education. The programme inspires, motivates and helps pupils to achieve academic success and hopefully to then become involved in one of the University’s post-16 support programmes that aim to prepare students for application and entry to higher education. SHINE is well supported by Trust schools and continues to flourish. 

For more information visit the Shine project here


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The Kings Foundation

A Pontefract Charitable Foundation with a long record of supporting educational initiatives in the town is a long-standing supporter of the PET. The foundation aims include, ‘A common effort to advance the educational and training of persons within the local community, without any distinction of sex, politics, religion or other opinions’.