Carleton Park Junior & Infant School

Head teacher: Rebecca Rowett

Deputy head: Farrah Khilji-Holmes

Chair of Governors: David Wilkin



Carelton Park J&I School, Moxon Close, Pontefract WF8 3PT.

Tel: 01977 722615

Head Teacher's Welcome:

At Carleton Park J&I School we believe that all adults and children who enter our school have equal worth. We encourage our pupils to achieve success by aiming high and realising their talents in a climate where achievements are recognised and all contributions valued and shared. 

We believe that education is a partnership between all staff, children and families and that it is at its most effective when there is close co-operation between home and school and value the contributions you can make to your child's learning journey.

There will be many things you wish to know about the school but we cannot hope to cover all of these on this website so, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask (further information is also available in our school prospectus).

It is my privilege as head teacher to take the school forward on an exciting journey making it a thriving part of the local community, whilst enhancing our academic standards. 

We warmly welcome visits to the school, please contact the school office if you would like to come and look around.