Larks Hill Junior & Infant School

Head teacher: Alison Smith

Deputy head: James Parkinson

Chair of Governors: Julie Mayhew



Larkshill J&I School, Larkshill, Pontefract WF8 4JR.

Tel: 01977 722845




Building Foundations for the Future

Our motto is ‘TEAM’ Together everyone achieves more.  Everything we do is based around those words.  We believe that for children to benefit fully from their education, teachers, support staff, parents and the children themselves must work together to make learning a fulfilling experience.   At Larks Hill we care that our children are happy and enjoy coming to the school, but we also care that we set and maintain very high standards in everything we do.

Our aim at Larks Hill is to provide every pupil with the necessary skills for life and high quality learning experiences that are both challenging and rewarding.  When our children leave this school, they should be caring, self-disciplined, independent learners who are committed to their learning and the development of an increasing responsibility to themselves and as a member of the community.

All staff at Larks Hill work together to promote a caring, friendly and safe community within a stimulating and secure environment in order to develop those spiritual, moral, cultural and social values that are so important to our children’s future.

High self-esteem, mutual respect, understanding, tolerance and good manners are just some examples of such values.  We encourage our pupils to achieve success by realising their talents and full potential in a climate where achievements are recognised and celebrated and where contributions are both valued and shared with others.  We promote individuality in both learning and teaching while realising the need for a consistent, co-operative whole school approach.  We aim to ensure that this consistency is reflected in both our policies and practice.