23rd February 2016


This week sees the launch of our exciting new PET website.  

Our brief was to find a way to communicate to our pupils, staff, governors, partners and parents and to find a way to keep everyone up to date with the latest developments.  We have so much going on that the website has taken quite some time to complete and it had to be just right.

Many of our PET projects are hugely successful but who actually learns about them? From personal experience, I know most children do not come home and tell their parents about the amazing opportunities they had access to that day; through their own school, through the work of the governors or through the work of the effective partnerships beavering away in the background. 

Actually, I would probably be right in assuming that most children aren't even aware of half of the strategic mechanisms in place.  

The PET’s vision to enhance educational opportunities and collaborative working relationships between schools, colleges and universities, can only be achieved through communication. 

If communication is the key then the website is paramount!  

Here you will find all the latest developments, projects, and partnerships.  You can make changes to the website based on what YOU want to see or learn about; what changes would YOU like to see in Pontefract schools?  Take a look at some of the work our local school children have produced; see how community collaborations are raising aspirations in the local area.

There is a page for parents, a page in progress for pupils and pages with links across the whole of Pontefract, including information on all our schools and colleges.

If you would like to get in touch regarding the website or if you are interested in becoming a partner or if you would like to explore a potential project idea with the Trust, go to the contact us page and get in touch! 


The Communications Team.